About this website

This is a free WordPress website with a free URL. I don’t earn anything from this site. If any ads appear, they belong to WordPress. I can’t view them if any appear. They are invisible to the holder of the site. This site & any others I have are merely platforms to express my personal […]

If Patsy accidentally killed Jon Benet Ramsey

This article was written before I saw the interview of Burke. After hearing him speak and describe how he went back downstairs after everyone was in bed asleep, he placed himself at the scene of the crime,  with opportunity & motive. This really changed my opinion about his guilt. I recommend reading the Burke timeline […]

Near Earth Asteroid

I owe my friend Bob a huge apology. He kept insisting there was an asteroid  in danger of hitting the earth. I did not believe him and I thought for sure we would be informed. However, this asteroid has been circling our orbit for over 100 years & only got close to Earth in 2003, […]

Bohemian Grove (ID photos)

I have a number of photos of the Bohemian grove attendees as they arrived & departed in private Jets from the Sonoma county airport in 1985. Surrounded by security personnel as they arrived in private jets & left in limos or SUV’s. Then vice versa upon return at the end of their vacation at the Grove. […]

Friedman, Shermer & MUFON gov’t Disinformation jackals

Friedman, Shermer and MUFON are all government disinformation hirelings who are tasked to destroy the credibility of anyone who leaks  information such as UFO’s. Friedman sold out his allegiance to the Feds in exchange for the information he wanted to know about Ebe’s in exchange for his compliance in helping the gov’t discredit whistleblowers who […]