Darlie Routier Wrongfully convicted by silly String

This woman was arrested and convicted of spraying silly string on her children’s graves. Crucial evidence of her innocence was withheld and her attorney was clearly not able to provide the level of defense she required to fight the prejudicial mentality which consumes the local populace. The Law enforcement officials involved, clearly admitted they ordered her arrest after seeing video of her spraying silly string on her son’s graves whose birthdays were just days after their deaths. This video was shown on the news. But there was other earlier video which was never shown of the family grieving and praying for over an hour before the silly string was sprayed. The investigators took the 5th when questioned about illegally videotaping the family at the cemetery without a warrant which would have shown the family grieving but was withheld from the trial . The jury only saw the silly string video from the news of her spraying silly string over her children’s graves. The jury saw this silly string video dozens of times and based their guilty decision on this one video.

No two people grieve the same way or react the same way to a tragic event. Some people will completely submerge all thoughts of a tragic event and pursue joyful activities to cope with tragedy. So no one can base grief or guilt on a 2 minute video.

The jurors were never shown the photos of her arms completely blackened with horrific bruises (see below) from her death struggle after having her neck slashed within a millimeter of her artery. We also do not know what medications she was on for the pain and shock she had recently suffered which may have affected her. Nor were the jurors shown the cemetery video footage where Darlie and the family were grieving over the boys graves on their birthday for over an hour. It was the sister who brought the silly string in an effort to relieve the family’s grief. It was only those few minutes of spraying silly string which was broadcast on TV which prompted the police to arrest her for murder of her two sons.

The jury and prosecution ignored the evidence of a sock being found  a block away with blood from both children but none of Darlie’s blood which she could not have done bleeding so profusely. There was not enough time for her to drop the sock then return and cut her own throat since one child was still barely clinging to life when help arrived. 

The events were just like Darlie had claimed. She and the children fell asleep watching TV. She woke up with her children being stabbed and her throat being slashed as she fought desperately with an unknown assailant in the dark and pursuing him toward the garage during which that glass could have been broken and landed on top of the blood dripping from her wounds. She immediately called for help. Anyone who has been injured should know that adrenaline often masks the realization of how badly someone is injured and they often don’t notice how severely they’ve been wounded and some people don’t even realize they have been shot. It is only after the adrenaline decreases that the pain and realization of the injuries set in.

The investigators also claimed she was walking around while on the phone with 911 and staging the scene. I know I pace in circles whenever I am on the phone and standing. Most women do this without realizing it. Under the circumstances she was experiencing, having been attacked, bleeding profusely with her sons stabbed on the floor; it is quite understandable that she would have been frantically pacing while on the phone with 911 and could have easily knocked over a glass while she was frantic and bleeding.

It is also not the first scene where a criminal grabbed a knife in the kitchen and attacked the homeowner with it. Especially, peepers who may be escalating their behavior for the first time. Remember the barefoot peeper who entered a home to commit his first rape and unexpectedly ran into her boyfriend in the adjoining room? He also used knives he found in the kitchen.

The jury never saw the other photos of her injuries where she was completely blackened with horrific bruising covering her arms where she had clearly held them in a defensive position while they were attacking her.


On these photos, you can actually see handprints of where someone gripped her wrists with massive strength to create bruises like this.
Throat slashed a millimeter from her artery.

People also forget she was laying next to her sons, so she would have been struck with cast off blood from the attacker stabbing her sons as well as transfer of any blood on him as she struggled to defend herself. Also, her shirt and the other clothing were placed into bags with wet blood on them and kept at the fire station until police retrieved them. Wet blood on clothes placed into the same bag easily transfers to other clothes in the bag.

Since you can see the assailant had gripped both her wrists at one point, that means he had dropped the knife and then retrieved it as he overpowered her. A man’s hands are usually large enough to grip both wrists with one hand once they have grabbed both of the victims wrists and then forced both wrists into the grip of one hand as he then retrieved the knife and slashed her throat. These heinous bruises and injuries clearly depict a life and death struggle. There is clearly no way she could have done this damage to herself. Especially when you can see handprints in the bruises on her wrists.

It was quite easy for any one of them to have dislodged one of the wine glasses in a wine rack which was located at shoulder level along the kitchen wall. That could have been broken at any time in the aftermath without having been a staging. Nor would someone staging a scene pick up a bloody knife. She shouldn’t have but in a moment of bleeding and shock and struggle with an attacker, I can see where she saw one of her knives on the floor and picked it up without thinking. Especially the mother of young children would automatically pick up a sharp object from the access of her children. Although a dumb thing to do, you cannot expect people to think clearly and there are thousands of cases where someone has moved a gun or knife upon discovering someone dead or injured. It is often done out of the person’s own repugnance for having a weapon lying out in the open so they attempt to move it away or place it on a table. Or fear of someone using it again. She mentioned to the 911 operator that she had touched it because she realized she may have inadvertently obscured prints on it.

She and her husband both stated she had gone to the sink to get wet towels more than once to try to stop the bleeding on the sun who was still clinging to life which is how the blood got on the sink. There is nothing nefarious about this. The towels were left in the hallway when they were done using them. Of course she would have blood from her sons on her and her blood on them since they were all laying together when they were stabbed as well as her checking on her sons and trying to help them.

After a shock like this, no one is going to remember every detail clearly, even if it just occurred. That includes touching something, breaking something, or leaning on the vacuum, etc. So they are going to be mixed up and uncertain, especially after a sudden, violent attack with the triple shock of her two boys dying and her own bleeding slashes on her throat, chest and arms.

As for grief, it comes in waves with periods of calmness in between until something else sets off another wave of grief. The police will often bellow loudly and gruffly at the person or make accusations to stop them from crying. Males and females do not grieve alike and have no business trying to judge the other sex based on their own responses… much less judge another person, whom they do not know, based on how they would react in a situation they have never experienced. Some people internalize and go into a denial stage as a coping mechanism. Also, after having relived an incident repeatedly throughout hundreds of interviews and testimonies, it becomes easier for someone to talk about it without breaking down. Yet, juries, prosecutors and judges expect the person to perform on cue even though they have repeatedly relived the retelling of their story hundreds of times. But if the person overreacts, they are accused of putting on a performance. So, either way, they cannot win the preconceived notions which courtrooms expect.

The jurors also did not see the video of the family grieving, crying and praying at the cemetery over an hour before the silly string was ever sprayed. She had cried for over an hour over her children’s graves before the sister suggested the silly string. There is only so much a person can cry until the wave of grief subsides.

Jurors who have since seen the photos and videos not shown in the trial are now convinced of her innocence. But these small minded Texas courts and prosecutions never want to consider or admit they could be wrong. They would rather have an innocent woman go to her death in the Texas death row system.

I, for one, do not believe she is guilty. I have always believed her to be innocent.

But there is someone whom I believe is guilty that they have not looked at. Her husband. He was upstairs with the baby and unharmed at the time of the attack on his wife and 2 sons who were stabbed to death downstairs where they had fallen asleep in front of a TV. His business was failing. When the police arrived to the scene where his children were stabbed to death and his wife’s throat was cut within a millimeter of her artery… her husband was telling the officers about her boob job and bragging about it.

I think her husband hired someone to commit the crime so he could collect the insurance money to bail himself out of trouble. If his wife had not desperately fought for her life, she would have been killed as well. But she was arrested after prosecutors saw the silly string video on the news. Darlie thought her husband was on her side as he appeared to stand by her. She was grateful for his support, but I don’t think she realizes that he was the most likely culprit behind the attack.

However, in fairness, you should know that the entire Dallas Metro area and suburbs have been plagued with hundreds of violent home invasions for decades.  In recent years, the home invasions have modified their attacks to wait near the driveway for their victims to approach, then attack which gives them the keys to the house, the car and the garage door opener. But it was not unusual at the time when the attack occurred on Darlie and her boys, for home invasions who attacked anyone they encountered. So, if the husband is not guilty (although I think he was), then a home invasion is certainly not unusual for this area.

To understand this mockery of justice, you have to understand the mentality which permeates this area. Women, minorities and any religion other than Southern Baptist (SBC) are treated like second class citizens. The native Texans are a bigoted, no neck, chauvinistic, bully mentality. Fortunately, cities like Dallas and Houston have a large portion of their suburban populations which transferred here from other states for technology and engineering jobs. Possibly 50% came to Texas from California. But the law enforcement in most of these areas are the typical chauvinistic, bully, bigots who have zero respect for women or minorities. The prosecution and judicial authorities are dismissive and condescending toward women and minorities while patting the “Good ole boys” on the back, no matter what crimes they are accused of committing. This is also the state where some confessions are extracted by force, abuse, threats and coercion.

Everyone else may tiptoe around this issue, but I will not do so. I have lived in all of the major metro cities in Texas for the past 20 years but I’m fortunate enough to not be a native. Each metro has a uniquely different personality and mentality based on the type of industry in each area and populations which have settled there. Unfortunately, Texas has an ugly history with their Law Enforcement system which is usually populated with narrow minded, red neck, native Texans; bullies who enjoy intimidating people. Add this to the narrow minded, fanatical attitudes of the native Texans (especially in rural areas) who run the court or prosecutorial positions as well as the juries. Anyone who does not meet their stereotype doesn’t have a prayer. 

Texas has had multiple cases where innocent people were convicted. As if this was not bad enough, the courts & prosecution refuse to release or even grant a retrial or appeal for these innocent persons, even when the DNA evidence clearly vindicates their innocence. In one such case, the criminal who was guilty of the crime actually confessed, repeatedly to help release the two innocent men. But despite the confession and the DNA evidence and fingerprints to support this… it was a long uphill battle by the innocence projects to gain their release.

It is bad enough that the prosecutors refuse to ever admit to making a mistake… but these corrupt judges and courts are even worse. Remember, this is the state where a black man was dragged to death, chained behind a pickup truck in the 1990’s. That should give you an idea of the mentality of this KKK state. 

However, this mentality is not as bad in areas with large populations of transferees from other states such as Houston or Dallas. Especially the high tech sectors where most of the transferees came from California whom do not have this narrow minded Midwestern attitude. 

Texas is also the state where a married couple whose daughter was attacked and torn up by a pack of dogs, spent over 6 years in prison because these sick minded prosecutors and investigators had insisted that the rips in the child’s skin were knife cuts for some satanic purpose and claimed the dog bites were caused by the parents sticking push pins into the child. The most absurd, unbelievable, twisted sick fanatics imaginable prosecuted the parents on this sick fanatical twisting of facts. They refused to consider the testimony from neighbors regarding other attacks by these same dogs. The child stated it was the dogs before she died and the photos clearly showed dog claws and even foot prints on her body… but these were withheld from the trial.

If you are someone other than a Texas good ole boy white male who belongs to the southern Baptist religion… you don’t stand a chance in this state for a fair trial or even a thorough, fair, professional investigation. The rural areas of Texas are even worse because they are permeated by the KKK and religious SBC fanaticism of monumental proportions.

This case of Darlie Routier was a local travesty, grossly mishandled by the small minded, typical twisted, low IQ chauvinistic mentality police & prosecution which permeate the state of Texas.

Although there are some decent, intelligent, thoughtful law enforcement officials, they are usually driven away from the state or from the profession entirely by the core brutish element which controls this state; unless they are lucky enough to get a rare commander or chief who is fair, decent and intelligent (usually from some other state).

The majority of these narrow minded agencies ignore evidence and make snap judgments on superficial notions. Even worse are the fanatical SBC element which populate this entire Midwest region. Basically, they behave like a bunch of gossipy old biddies who mercilessly attack their targets who don’t conform to their vicious little cliques. Topping all of this is how these same SBC members support and praise the KKK which infest the rural areas of Texas.

If you are a female who wears any kind of makeup or flattering clothing, the small minded biddies in this state will crucify her in a jury. They are automatically guilty of whatever charges unless it is some God-fearing southern Baptist woman who goes to church every day, has never worked, wears no makeup and her hair cut short and curly, is heavy set, stays at home taking care of babies and grandchildren; baking cookies and wears Miss Ellie’s matronly attire. This is no exaggeration. This is the type of mentality which has placed an innocent woman on death row where she has languished for 16 years for the crime of spraying silly string.

It chills you to the bone when you hear about the travesty of justice in this state. But this is the kind of legal obstacles which investigated, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced Darlie Routier to death row for murders she did not commit. If you have any doubts about her innocence, go back and look at the pictures of severe bruising on her arms and wrists. She was clearly fighting for her life. Imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes.


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