Cern & FTL travel

Published January 9, 2016 by mmc7

I thought I would also copy my comment as a post. I was tired of that small font on the other design.

I saw a video on Yahoo earlier which I knew would interest you. A video of a whirlpool in the sky above Cern with a globe flying into it.

While I think Cern is quite capable of creating a gravity wells, which is how those craft travel FTL by creating a gravity well ahead of the craft when they are planning a long trip & as explained by Eric Sereda’s DVD “evidence” on astrophysics… That video above Cern is a fake. The entire sky & adjacent clouds would have been affected by such a gravity well. (aka; Black hole or worm hole)

This is why they see these small temp black holes appearing & disappearing.. They aren’t “folding” space. They are spinning gravity fields into wells like spinning water down a drain & dropping a bug in the center which spins more rapidly. Properly administered, it assists a craft to go FTL. Gravity fields are shaped in spirals like the coriolis effect which affects the shapes of water draining, hurricanes & tornadoes.

Also, what the heck is Seti doing? Any species which travels faster than Light, is not going to use radio signals to communicate. Especially in the ghz bandwidth which has a shorter range & requires more power. If you travel by FTL, then you are going to communicate by FTL. You would generate a micro wormhole &/or use laser light meticulously pinpointed at your intended recipient. Not slow radio waves. You would use the speed of light or FTL to communicate. Similar to fiber optics except in a directed pinpoint of concentrated light. No one could intercept your messages unless they were between the laser signal. Not to forget the message can be transmitted run a nanosecond.

I think seti mostly monitors other counties satellites & communications. We have deep space laser & deep space radar to monitor the Ebes & particle weapons to shoot them down. (only one or two so Darpa can steal their technology. We can’t control all of them from the moon.) Mars has no interest, except to be left alone. Check the photo of the water currently in the Mars canals. Our gov’t has had them photoshopping the water, Canals, lifesigns craft & structures from all images of mars & the moon before NASA ever sees them. By their own DOD contractors at Malin Space science systems. If you look long & hard enough, you can see these details for yourself on the original image sources. They always manage to miss something in their editing.

This site on Yahoo & Youtube with whirlpools over Cern is one of those gov’t agencies of hirelings who are paid to ridicule the issues they wish to keep covert. So they use fake videos to program the public to kneejerk react to it as a “conspiracy theory”. Thus, they don’t believe the genuine events when they do occur.

One of my relatives worked for one of those CIA front corporations. He was also one of those interrogators who waterboarded prisoners. My father was military intelligence. One uncle worked for USAF Intelligence. Another was a nuclear scientist. My parents were also aerospace engineers at one time. I was also an engineer for 30 years in multiple fields of expertise & science research for 20 years. Plus executive level management. Whether anyone believes me or not, I will tell the public what I know. It makes no difference to me if no one believes what I say. I already know the truth. The truth is crazier than anyone could imagine or believe.

But one thing for sure, the Ebe’s are not here to help us or be our friends. I like the ancient alien TV series which has been very eye opening. But the one guy needs to get off the kick that they are our friends. We were their slaves & we are still disposable. They think like the Borg.

The other guy on ancient Aliens needs to comb his hair & change his suit. Yes, I know their names. So do the rest of you.

Just by the design you can see these colliders would be quite capable of generating a spinning gravity well. This is the design used within the crafts they are trying to reverse engineer & emulate. But the gravity well generator must be in motion to maintain the FTL wormhole in front of its path. We are just testing the method & distracting people before the real test occurs. Probably at night.

If that whirlpool had been real, cars would have stopped & people would have been out on the street pointing at it & using their phones to capture the image. Not just one person.

I don’t remember the name of site with the Youtube video, but they were also seeking subscribers. So a lure for money as well. The real irony is they get people to pay money to support these CIA & FBI & NSA  front companies who are scamming the public. MUFON is one of these. They even get people to pay $5000+ to be certified by them (“controlled”) to become UFO investigators. They collect, control & manage all the evidence, depositions & lab tests. How convenient!   Friedman is another who sold out. He is now a gov’t disinformation hireling & attack dog to discredit whistleblowers. He is the worst kind of phony. I know what his price was for this betrayal. He would have dove anything for the truth.

Keep in mind these crafts do not fly FTL for local trips to collect water & supplies for their moon colonies. They’ve also learned not to fly over cities & power plants to avoid disruption of power grids. They don’t want to attract attention. Those which do travel FTL to Orion & other locations, approach Earth over the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans to avoid disruption of our power systems & aviation. Hence, the Bermuda & Pacific triangles which sometimes entrap unsuspecting Planes & boats. That is the whirlpool effect some have seen. Their gravity generators on their deep space FTL flights. If you know which whistleblowers to listen to, everyone could be aware of the details & truths. The ones who are telling the truth are the ones under vicious attacks, attempts to discredit them & unusual deaths & ailments. Bob Lazar, Martyn Stubbs, Col Philip Corso, Philip Schneider, Graham Birdsall, Jesse Marcel, William Colby, etc. Listen to everything they said if you want to know the truth. I think only one is alive. But they left interviews, books, etc.

Have you ever seen someone attack Stanton Friedman, Michael Shermer or MUFON? There are your clues. The gov’t doesn’t attack their own. They want you to believe & contact them with your info.

But people shouldn’t bug the employees at Nasa. 99.99% of them are in the dark & have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. They are as much victims with dreams of space travel as you are. They get the imagery post editing like the rest of us. Only a tiny handful are in the loop. They’ve also been replacing NASA personnel with ex military & black ops. Russia replaced theirs with ex KGB. That should tell us they do not want the true info leaking out. You can also bet they are behind the failures of the commercial space corporate efforts. Those catastrophic failure5 were no accidents Our gov’t is keeping them from succeeding. Zapping them with an EMP or particle beam from our satellites. I’m not joking. I obtained their satellite designs from the USAF website. Intended for DOD bids & Congressional Budget approvals but they are public info. You just have to know where to find them. They likely have some moles in those commercial space companies as well. Check your employees & mgmt.

What I don’t understand is why people tolerate those colliders built in areas where people reside. The very reason we can’t fly those saucers more than a short test flight is because the excessive EM field is destructive to human physiology & cell structures. It is like sleeping in a running MRI. The greys were designed to withstand those EM fields & are considered disposable themselves.

This is just as true of the colliders. They should only be built in rural areas with no residents, if at all..

Cern is so overpowered it has pulled itself apart several times. Chicago calmly has allowed a nuclear reactor & a collider in the midst of heavily populated areas. They should be raising hell as should the Europeans around Cern. A collider that large is not safe simply because it is underground. I’m amazed the public electronic devices in that area still function. The only saving grace is that it keeps breaking down & constantly under major repair & upgrades. Who keeps pouring money down this rat hole? I’m sure glad the Texas collider was never completed… as far as I know.

But even if they generate a gravity well they can’t generate it very far. It isn’t big enough to create a gateway wormhole, As I said, the generator must be on a craft in motion to create the effect ahead of the craft in FTL flight.

If they were smart, they would create a tandem craft where the front end creates the gravity well wormhole & the back end is protected from the EM field. EM protection is one of my fields of expertise. I have a design to protect people & equip in aerospace craft & satellite systems from EM, radiation, RFI, etc. I wont file a patent because our gov’t & military just steal what designs they want without limitation. If they want it, they’ll have to do it the right way. Ask & pay. I designed it 15 years ago when I  heard Boeing was having issues with circuit failures on satellites, & aerospace craft. This also protects equip from damage. I was the top in my industry in these fields. The circuit card failures dropped from 2 per day to 2 per year. If they had observed the ESD procedures, there would not have been even 2 per year. I also have custom grounding systems & intent & personnel protection. This was a pet project for 30 years. It can be done for any type of system or craft or structure in any environment. I also changed the way Bell Labs installs their systems. So maybe they can use those FTL crafts with these upgrades without sacrificing the health & lives of those inside. This is the difference when they allow Engineers & scientists to freely exchange ideas & not compartmentalize them. I worked in any field I was needed.

This is why they see these small temp black holes approving & disappearing.. They aren’t “folding” space. They are spinning gravity fields into wells like spinning water down a drain & dropping a bug in the center which spins more rapidly. Properly administered, it assists a craft to go FTL. Gravity fields are shaped in spirals like the Coriolis effect which affects water draining, hurricanes & tornadoes shape formations.

If you see any strange words, it is my OCR handwriting translator. It has a mind of its own.


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