Friedman, Shermer & MUFON gov’t Disinformation jackals

Published January 19, 2016 by mmc7

Friedman, Shermer and MUFON are all government disinformation hirelings who are tasked to destroy the credibility of anyone who leaks  information such as UFO’s. Friedman sold out his allegiance to the Feds in exchange for the information he wanted to know about Ebe’s in exchange for his compliance in helping the gov’t discredit whistleblowers who reveal covert information. The reason he had worked at so many places is because he was not very popular with his coworkers. Shermer and MUFON are front companies for intelligence organizations. Usually the CIA but other intelligence groups are also known to set up these gov’t front groups. Shermer’s skeptic Magazine is typical for CIA or FBI UFO bashing efforts. MUFON would be typical of USAF intelligence or CIA to control investigations, collect data, control the evidence test outcomes to discredit witnesses. The worst is how MUFON terrifies the witnesses and sends Jackal agents to scare and discredit them. This is especially effective in Central and south American countries.

The public has been backing these gov’t loudmouths whose sole purpose is to attack and discredit anyone who leaks information the gov’t wants kept secret.

These whistleblowers like Col Philip Corso and Bob Lazar and Philip Schneider and Jesse Marcel have risked their necks and their families welfare to come forward and tell the public these truths they know because they think the public is entitled to know these things. So what does the public do? They turn into rabid animals at the urging of the gov’t loudmouth hirelings or sellouts who are paid to attack these whistleblowers. Instead of being grateful and supporting these whistleblowers, our ignorant, spineless sheep join the bandwagon of turning on these whistleblowers and joining the gov’t hirelings in the attacks. They eat their own.

It is these ungrateful turncoat sheep to whom are beneath contempt. These whistleblowers gave their lives to come forward so you would know the truth. They need the support of the public. Not a kick in the teeth. Have you no shame? These turncoats are the type of people who allow bullies to beat up on innocent victims while they stand around cheering and egging on the bullies. Bloodlusting packs of wild dogs are what they have become. They don’t deserve to know the truth. Now they have proven what kind of ingratitude the whistleblowers will receive for their efforts. So no more will come forward… just exactly what the government wants. These sheep handed over control to the gov’t jackals to do their thinking for them.

The public is also programmed by targeted documentaries produced with gov’t funding to create kneejerk responses to certain phrases such as “Conspiracy Theory” to attack anyone associated with those words like Pavlov’s dogs.

In my opinion, the public does not deserve to know the truth. They have repeatedly been told the truth by people who risked their necks, many have died for coming forward… only to have the public join the gov’t hireling pitbull attacks against the whistleblowers to discredit them.

Here is your clue as to who are the gov’t hirelings and who are telling the truth. Those whistleblowers who tell you the truth about UFO’s and other dirty linen of the Gov’t are always under attack by every disinformation hireling the gov’t can find to throw at them. The gov’t will go to any extreme to have them discredited. Some killed. The worse the attacks on those who come forward to tell the public what they know… the more significant the information they are revealing… the worse the attacks against their reputations including destruction of their records by the gov’t to destroy their proof of jobs or education.

Those who are gov’t hirelings like Friedman, Shermer or front companies like MUFON and Skeptic Magazine among others… are never attacked because the gov’t knows better than to attack their own…. which is more than I can say for the undeserving, unappreciative, ignorant sheep who cannot think for themselves and allow the gov’t attack dogs to destroy those who risked their necks to tell the public the truth. A public who turned on those whistleblowers like rabid dogs following the gov’t hirelings attacks.


Those who are under attack are the ones who are telling the truth no matter how unbelievable that truth may be. Support them. Many have died risking their necks to tell the truth.


Gov’t hirelings, jackals, pitbulls, front organizations, etc. are never under attack. You won’t see anyone discrediting them. These are the bad guys.


MUFON and Skeptic Magazine are front companies set up by gov’t intelligence agencies to control, acquire and discredit any evidence, witnesses, investigators and information leaks, etc.


The real truth is more unbelievable than anything you can possibly imagine. Just because you cannot wrap your brain around it doesn’t mean it is untrue. The gov’t has programmed the public to think no piece of evidence or proof is ever good enough. I’ll tell you right now, there are ebe colonies on the moon and Mars. They’ve been here over 50,000 years. Earth belongs to them, not us. They were here first. We were laborers because they cannot tolerate our heavy gravity and high oxygen levels… which is why they stay on the moon except when coming to Earth to replenish their water and supplies each week. They are not visiting underwater bases. They are filling their water tanks. If you knew who to believe you would know all these details. You have already been told the truth. You failed to listen. No one else is going to come forward and risk their necks for such unappreciative sheep. This is exactly what the gov’t wants. Congratulations. You helped destroy every chance you ever had to know the truth.


Bob Lazar was telling the truth. He proved his employment with Naval Intelligence on his W2. Only someone who has worked in S-4 would know it was under the control of Naval Intelligence. Friedman is an idiot which is why anyone who listens to him never comes up with info through FOIA. The USAF owned the Nellis Range and Nellis AFB. Groom Lake is a separate base with at least 2 more secret covert separate bases within a base. S-4 and A51 are separate bases from Groom Lake. Access is cordoned off and blocked from Groom Lake. ALL who work or visit A51 which is underground at the top of the hill with the false pond launch ramp must park and ride at the barricade in provided secure base vehicles with blacked out windows and 2 armed escorts. S-4 is also a separate blocked access where employees are usually transferred to a similar secure bus which takes them to their destination on the back side of the mountain with camouflaged hangars within the mountain on the edge of Papoose lake. Most workers fly into Groom Lake from the Las Vegas airport. Control of A-51 and S-4 were under Naval Intelligence until 2005 when Bush gave the control of Space & Space technologies to the USAF. Prior to 2005 it was controlled by the US Navy and Naval Intelligence. The CIA also had an area as well. The reason no one could  get records from the USAF about the areas is because the records were held by the Navy. So the USAF was telling the truth. This goes to show you just how “in” Friedman wasn’t if he did not even know this fact… which he ran his mouth on every show as to how he kept trying to get those records from the USAF. Only after Aug 2005 did the USAF have control. Records prior to 2005 were through Naval intelligence. They say Friedman worked at so many places because he did not get along with his coworkers. He was as obnoxious on the job as he is on TV.


Friedman claimed Lazar wasn’t a true employee of Los Alamos because he was paid by the Zia Corp. Zia corp and University of California have managed the personnel, personnel records and paychecks of the Los Alamos employees since it first began in the 1940’s and still do. My uncle was a Senior Scientist on the nuclear programs who worked for Los Alamos for 8 years until he died. He was a full time employee and Senior Scientist of Los Alamos and he was also paid by Zia. I have all of his records including the job offer letter from Los Alamos. Over 1000 pages. Zia is the payroll and employee management division of the University of California. The gov’t set up these arrangements when Los Alamos was first created so they didn’t have to deal with the mundane details of employee payrolls and records while working on the nuclear development. This also shows just how much Friedman DOESN’T know.


Col Philip Corso was over the NSC (NSA) for 5 years IN the White house under Eisenhower. He was later at the Pentagon over Army R&D reverse engineering artifacts. He testified about communist infiltration of the CIA to the Senate and reported what he knew to RFK about the Kremlin spies in the CIA and Eisenhower’s cabinet. That should tell you something about Eisenhower when he choses intelligence directors and cabinet officers who are soviet sympathizers. He also worked on the Army’s project Horizon moonbase until they discovered the moon was already occupied and it was cancelled. Corso then was a National security advisor to Senators Thurmond and Eastland. This is a man of impeccable spotless Career which his records have corroborated. How dare some sellout like Friedman cast a stain upon this man of impeccable loyalty and patriotism who risked his neck and career to come forward with what he knew because he felt the American public deserved to know the truth. How dare our ungrateful sheep to allow the gov’t hirelings to kick him in the teeth and then the ungrateful public  turned on him like a pack of dogs. You don’t deserve to know the truth. He also testified about the American POWs from WWII and Korea which were still being held in Soviet Gulag work camps in Siberia while their families were told they were dead. They were ignored by every administration but Corso who learned of their plight when he was over the NSC, continued to testify to congress about their captivity. Because he was a man of integrity who died soon after his book was published. He risked everything to come forward to the American public because he was an honorable man with an impeccable reputation and career who thought we deserved to know the truth. You had your chances to know everything and you blew it. Nor deserve to know it.


Philip Schneider also came forward to tell what he knew about the underground ebe and gov’t labs in Dulce, NM in addition to other info. You didn’t want to believe such bizarre stories. As I said, the truth is so extreme, none of you would believe it. You have all been spoon fed gov’t propaganda for so long you no longer recognize the truth when you hear it. You join in the attacks on these men, many who gave their lives to tell you the truth. Schneider gave personal lectures of his experiences while dying from his health issues due to a weapons fight with the Ebe’s of Dulce. He was saved from that battle by a soldier who gave his life to save Schneider. Schneider was later murdered after sharing what he knew with the public. The gov’t agents took personal revenge in torturing Schneider before they killed him as he sat in his wheel chair, disabled. Choked from behind where his oxygen and IV tubing had been used to strangle him and knotted behind his neck where he could not have accessed since he was missing many fingers and was extremely disabled and incapable of tending to his own needs much less tying his tubing in a knot behind his head… which was labeled a suicide by the “honest” authorities. Not to mention the fact that he was also brutalized by the attackers. A sick bunch of attackers could only have come from the CIA.


Even though most of you don’t deserve it, you can still know the truth imparted by these brave men who risked their necks and some died to tell you the truth. Read Corso’s book “The Day after Roswell”. Not only does he tell you the truth about the EBE’s, he also shares what he knows about the KGB administration of Eisenhower and the KGB infiltrated CIA under the direction and approval of Allen Dulles who built the organization with its soviet loyalties until Kennedy fired him… then Kennedy was killed soon after. His assassination organized by someone who had built the CIA and knew every contract killer they had… the former director Dulles, Deputy director Cabell and Bissell who had set up Kennedy with the Bay of Pigs to weaken and destroy his presidency and to provide justification for the Kremlin to move in their missiles. All set up by CIA Dulles, Cabell and Bissell. Incidentally, Cabell’s brother was the Mayor of Dallas at the time. Better pay attention to what Corso says about the CIA and soviet sympathizers in Ike’s white house while he was the NSC director there. He said the entire white house was crawling with soviet sympathizers who provided the Kremlin with everything they knew. Allen Dulles’s brother was also Ike’s Sec of State. Allen Dulles was also the OSS Berlin Station chief when 3 previous attempts on Patton’s life were made in 45 and then the final car crash and toxic medication mixture of Digitalis and Mercuperia 12 days later to finish Patton off. Dulles & Donovan reported to Ike even though the OSS had been terminated by Truman. Ike was still using a shadow OSS as a personal assassination squad to eliminate anyone who threatened his campaign to be president which he incidentally launched on Dec 10 1945. The day Patton was supposed to return to the US but had been injured in a car accident just a day earlier. Patton had told everyone he was going to reveal Ike’s dirty laundry and his ties to the soviets and how Ike allowed thousands of POW’s to be taken to Soviet Gulags where they were never returned. 3 Generals and a Lt Colonel were killed in Europe just in Dec 45… including Patton and later Pattons daughter, mistress, wife and anyone else who might reveal Ike’s dirty linens to the public were all killed. There was quite a long list.


Anyone who worked in the Bell System in the 50’s through the 70’s knew about the Bell Labs agreement with the gov’t regarding the Roswell transistor technology. Bell Labs was allowed to take credit for the development but they were not allowed to own sole propriety. They had to agree to make the transistor technology available to anyone who wanted it, including competitors. EVERYONE knew this.  Then there were the two engineers at Corning in the 70’s who reverse engineered fiber optics from the very sample which Corso had given them. Before I ever knew Corso’s name, I knew about these two engineers who could not be given credit for reverse engineering ebe technology. So for 30 years, the Nobel prize committee could not give them credit for fiber optics because it was an EBE technology. Finally, after 30 years, they gave them an award for “Developing the Process” to create fiber optics. You can look this up. It should be listed. Many of these greedy, megalomaniacal scientists who were given ebe technology to reverse engineer, claimed all credit which they did not deserve. Townes for instance tried to claim his microwave technology was the same as the laser technology he claimed credit for. Corso did his best to give the technologies to those scientists and labs who were closest to working with these specific types of technologies. You wouldn’t give these things to someone who knew nothing about the field. So yes, most of them were working in these fields when Corso chose them. Dupont was working on Fabrics, so they were the choice for Kevlar. But let us never forget that our extreme leaps in technologies are from those very EBE technologies distributed by Corso. If he had done what most military branches would do and kept those technologies locked up for themselves, then none of us would be the recipients of the many technologies we now enjoy because Corso made sure they were given to companies which could assure shared technology applications for public benefit as well as military. He also had to ensure the CIA double agents did not get their hands on it for the Kremlin. But make no mistake, regardless of their blustering and arrogance, our scientists and engineers were decades if not centuries behind the EBE technologies.


Without reverse engineering, you would not have the computers, cell phones, wireless and fiber optic, laser and many other technologies we enjoy today. They actually had many of these technologies developed by the 90’s when the computer industry, TV, wireless, memory & capacities and many other technologies (CD’s DVD’s, USB’s, Sandisks, etc.) were decided to be released in increasing increments every three years. All of the companies in those technologies agree not to release the more advanced technologies faster than the other companies in their fields. This is to keep the customers buying new computers and phones every 3 years as they release technologies they’ve been holding back for 20 years in predetermined timelines so they can keep sucking money out of you for these upgraded versions… which they could have released all at once 20 years ago instead of bilking the public with built in obsolescence. The same with your vehicles except they use cheaper designs to shorten the lifespans of your vehicles and appliances now. Such as cheap plastics, aluminum instead of Brass distributor caps, etc. Building appliances and cars that last 20 years is bad for sales and profits.


Some technology developments were delayed due to other needed technologies. Integrated circuit chips required the development of an electron microscope before that technology could be reverse engineered. Fiber optics required laser technology to create a signal to send through the fiber and an exterior cladding to keep the signal light flowing within the fiber without signal loss. So these reverse engineered technologies took longer than the others. For some reason… which I think we can blame on Townes own inability to comprehend laser, they were unable to reverse engineer the laser scalpel. His expertise was in microwave signals. I find it utterly unbelievable that they could compare that technology with laser. He clearly was a bad choice for reverse engineering. I think they should take another look at this laser scalpel device if Townes didn’t destroy it in his efforts to copy the technology. If the development of IC chips had come first, then some of these bulkier developments would have also come faster. But when reverse engineering, it requires other sophisticated technologies to unwravel their functionality.


This is the way things are and the way these technologies were developed. If you don’t believe it… too bad. You’ve been told the truth. If you refuse to accept the truth, then that is your problem. So why should the rest of us continue to give the public information they neither understand nor willing to step past their closed minds  to listen to those who know the truth. But you can rest assured that no one else will stick out their necks to tell you the truth so you can turn around and kick them in the teeth the first time the gov’t sends some disinfo hireling to attack them.


However, you can still learn the truth by reading Corso’s book and watching Lazar’s interviews and Schneiders DVD’s. There was also a Brazilian military officer who was strangled after he gave his interview about the ebe’s they encountered. Despite over 1500 detailed pages of reports, diagrams, films & photos submitted by this officer and his division and doctors reports and eye witness attacks on a coastal village which the Brazilian military observed for weeks which the Brazilian gov’t made available… MUFON’s gov’t hirelings declared there was insufficient scientific evidence. Just exactly WHAT do they think is sufficient evidence? A captive alien? They had everything else imaginable on official documents, films and photos. Look at the Navy’s Clemetine satellite images of the moon and Nasa’s images of Mars and other official imagery sources such as ESA, RSA, etc. If you look very closely, you will see many interesting structures and crafts which their censors missed. Increase the DPI resolution settings on the images to enlarge without losing resolution. Then lighten all the darkening contrast added by the censors so you can see what they have been hiding.

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