Near Earth Asteroid

Published February 5, 2016 by mmc7

I owe my friend Bob a huge apology. He kept insisting there was an asteroid  in danger of hitting the earth. I did not believe him and I thought for sure we would be informed.

However, this asteroid has been circling our orbit for over 100 years & only got close to Earth in 2003, It is long gone now & probably wont return for another 100 years. So there is no imminent danger.  However, I do not agree with their horseshoe orbit reversal explanation & future 600 year predictions. Gravity does not work like that. Corkscrew orbits tend to get faster & tighter. Not assuming Stationary orbits. Nor do they suddenly stop & reverse direction as they show on the second diagram below.

Just because someone works at NASA, does not make them an expert in every field or even in one field of expertise. They are no better & no more experienced than your own coworkers. Nor do they know everything which NASA has been involved in (even if they think they know everything, They don’t). The employees are actually compartmentalized & isolated in their tasks & positions as the gov’t does with most of their classified projects in the military, DOD contractors, gov’t depts, etc.

The 3 conflicting diagrams of this one asteroid below is a perfect demonstration of NASA’s shortcomings and our failing educational system.

My point of displaying the asteroid info was to show there was a very close call in 2003.

I got the information and animations about asteroid 2002 AA29 from NASA’s Near Earth object website. When you see the orbit of this asteroid, it will make a believer out of you too as to how close some of these asteroids have come. Anyone with any experience whatsoever about orbits and gravity can tell you that an orbit like this which corkscrews around the Earth as Earth orbits the sun will get faster and faster as well as tighter and tighter until it smashes into us.

Keep in mind it only takes us a year to orbit the sun. They are showing this asteroid on our same orbit so no matter how fast or slow it goes, the earth should encounter the asteroid no less than once per year but they imply a 100 years so there is something seriously wrong with their animations & explanations.

This type of tightening corkscrew orbit will NOT become a fixed satellite like our moon in 600 years as NASA products. It will continue to tighten until it eventually strikes the Earth in the future which none of you need to worry about.

Look at NASA’s animations and see for yourself.

I heard the gov’t is expecting an asteroid strike in 2026 but after rereading their risk charts, I do not believe it will be this asteroid they are expecting in 2026.

I included the NASA page I obtained the animated images of this asteroid’s orbit. However, I do not buy that this asteroid reversed itself. That is not how gravity works. But I did notice how after NASA claimed it was going to reverse itself they completely stopped talking about it. That is usually a sign of “classified info”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this asteroid was corkscrewing a tightening loop orbit around us.

I pasted their animations below. All of which end in 2003 – 2005. I would wonder where it disappeared since this is clearly not a fly-by asteroid. I also noticed that they never mention the size of this asteroid.

But it is apparently gone & posing no imminent risk. If there were a risk, we would be able to see it in the sky like we see the moon (if we can find out how big it is.) Anything closer than the moon should be visible to us.

But notice how they have the asteroid approaching the earth on the second Animation then stopping & reversing direction. Not only does that make no sense whatsoever since gravity does NOT function like this, none of these 3 animations show the same scenario. Nor have they included the orbital timelines. There is clearly deception or incompetence between these 3 animations. We are not being told the full truth about this asteroid.

Here is also a link to a chart for near earth asteroids.










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