Maybe Burke DID do it? Here is a plausible scenario.

Published October 6, 2016 by mmc7

This article was written before I found out about the feces which Burke had spread throughout JonBenet’s room that very night which he would have had to have done after he got up to go downstairs after everyone else was in bed. It was on her presents and a box of chocolate she had just received that day as well as on her walls and a grapefruit sized wad in her bed according to an FBI investigator they found in her room during their investigation. For a 9 year old, this indicates extreme jealousy and hatred of his sister. Perhaps he did not get what he wanted for Christmas or their parents overindulged her. Maybe JonBenet taunted him. But this was Burke’s mindset just an hour before she died. He may have woken her up while he was in her room and she followed him downstairs. So this has been included in the next article about the Burke scenario timeline and how she may have picked up the DNA from the cellar floor while fighting with Burke and how she was injured on the train track on the floor while fighting. I strongly recommend reading the Burke timeline scenario which has all of the evidence included.

Since this case began, I have always believed Patsy Ramsey killed her daughter JonBenet Ramsey by accident when she was upset over a wet bed.

However, after listening to her brother Burke Ramsey speak to Dr Phil in an interview, I am having very disturbing doubts about his innocence based on what he disclosed in the interview. It should be noted that I did not see the recent CBS Documentary but I have followed this case from the beginning. However, Burke was kept under wraps by his parents for 20 years so no one really had a chance to hear from him until now.

In the Dr Phil interview (which was truly lopsided and catering to John Ramsey and their attorney), Burke Ramsey admitted to some very disturbing details about the night his sister JonBenet was killed. His father, John also shared a few details which were new to me such as he had taken the flashlight upstairs when he put his children to bed. He carried JonBenet to bed and her mother undressed her.

Burke said he came back downstairs after everyone else was asleep because he was not done playing with one of his presents. He did not deny he brought the flashlight downstairs with him (which was probably left in JonBenet’s room). He also contradicted their lawyer and said he did have a pair of hiking boots. Burke also said he may have eaten pineapple.

This places Burke at the scene of the crime with his sister; with opportunity and motive which I will explain. No intruder was in the house with Burke prowling around.

Here is the plausible Scenario based on Burke’s own admissions:

JonBenet may have woken up when Burke was prowling around her room looking for the flashlight. Or she woke up after wetting the bed. I suspect Burke woke her up. JonBenet followed Burke downstairs dragging her favorite blanket with her. (I used to drag my blanket around when I was her age).

They both ate pineapple. (However, her mothers fingerprints on the bowl could have gotten there when she put the dishes away or placing the bowl of pineapple into the refrigerator.) Burke’s fingerprints were on the glass of tea next to the bowl of pineapple left on the table.

Burke went down to the basement. JonBenet followed him.

JonBenet either saw Burke climbing out the window to get something from the car or something outside OR she saw him doing something else and she threatened to tell their parents. I caught my own son (then age 6), trying to climb out of his bedroom window late at night. Some other kid was outside encouraging him. Kids do things like this.

Burke attacked her to keep her from tattling. She fell backward on the floor onto the toy railroad track. (They had a model train set in the basement and played down there quite often). JonBenet screamed when she fell on the section of track. (a neighbor heard her scream) easily through the broken window. But the parents probably didn’t hear.

Burke hit her with something to shut her up (flashlight or the bat he threw outside). They said this knocked her unconscious for about 45 minutes. Burke may have thought she was dead. But when she regained consciousness, either she went into convulsions which frightened him, OR he was afraid she was going to tattle on him…  so Burke grabbed a nearby rope which had a paintbrush handle tied to it and choked her to “either make her stop convulsing or to prevent her from tattling.”

The rope tied to the paintbrush handle was NOT a garrote even though Burke used it as such.  The kids probably used it as a handle to fly their kites or as a pull rope to skate behind a bicycle (JonBenet had just gotten a bike for Christmas). The parents probably made it for the kids to  use for Kites or other activities.

When JonBenet was dead, Burke covered her up with her blanket and went to bed. Kid’s hide when they do something bad.

Patsy woke up and went to check on JonBenet’s bed to see if it was wet. Parents do this when they have a bed wetter. She discovered JonBenet was missing and got the story from Burke as to what he had done. He probably said he didn’t know at first. All kids say this when they are guilty. “I don’t know.” He may have even made up a story but Patsy figured it out enough to know Burke was in big trouble.

Fearing that her son would end up being tried as an adult and placed into Juvenile Detention, Patsy wrote the Ransom note to protect him. There is a long list of items which shows it was written by a female familiar with John Ramsey, well educated and a perfectionist about punctuation, grammar and letter sizing despite efforts to alter the slant and style. It also had info which only John or Patsy would know. The details were also absurdly overdone and the wordiness clearly showed it was a female and not a kidnapper. Besides, who would leave a ransom note AND leave the child (dead or alive).

Patsy staged the note and probably added the  tape to JonBenet’s mouth since police said it was applied AFTER the child was dead. Very little staging would have needed to be done. JonBenet was left as Burke had left her in the basement.

John probably woke up just prior to the 911 call and Patsy told him what happened. Can you imagine what it must have been like to explain this to her husband? Everyone would have been in tears and impossible to understand. Since John had just learned about this, it explains why he said what he did to Burke at the tail end of the call… and Patsy’s comments as well. It all fits with this scenario.

Burke was sent away from the house after police arrived and his parents circled the wagons for 20 years.

The first person who searched the basement did not see JonBenet because she was covered under the blanket.

John Ramsey said he closed the window. He also would have recognized JonBenet’s blanket, looked under it and carried her upstairs to the police.

Few people would believe a 9 year old was capable of such an act… but Burke was described as frequently spreading feces through the house and in JonBenet’s room. This was not a 2 year old. Burke was 9. This was a serious issue for a 9 year old. It shows extreme jealousy and hate. There is also a pattern to these things like killing animals.

It would be interesting in hearing interviews of Burkes friends between ages 8 and 10 (or otherwise) to find out how he behaved with other kids. He could have been secretive about the things he did. He certainly needed counseling. His video interviews 2 weeks after the death of his sister were very disturbing. He was quite happy to be an only child. He hasn’t improved much as an adult. He was downright creepy the way he inappropriately grinned all through his interview. In fact, the only times that grin dropped from Burke’s face was when Dr Phil brought up a question or subject which troubled Burke. Such as specific accusations against him.

I’m surprised Dr Phil made so little of Burke’s reactions. This is a key symptom competent qualified psychologists look for as an indicator of problems. I clearly saw narcissism and sociopathic tendencies (someone who has no conscience and doesn’t know right from wrong.) Plus the inappropriate responses. Not just now, but in those videos 2 weeks after her death as well.

Those types of behavioral patterns such as spreading feces and killing animals can progress into something much worse, such as voyeurism, serial rape or serial killing. They have studied many serial killers and serial rapists who started off like that.

Dr Phil was too busy accommodating John Ramsey, Burke and his attorney. When the attorney is a key guest, you can rest assured that the show is geared toward the attorney’s expectations and satisfaction. Not toward public interest or finding truth about her death. He only asked what the attorney allowed him to ask… and his clients were fully prepared by the attorney with their responses  before they appeared. But we did get these tidbits of information from Burke which explained a lot about what happened that night. Especially when included with the other details of the case.

The “touch DNA” was nothing more than JonBenet playing on the floor with other kids at the party and from people she asked to help her wipe & pull up her drawers.

JonBenet’s grandmother said JB would ask any nearby stranger (male or female) to help wipe her on the pot and pull up her drawers. Long johns are hard for kids to pull up.

While disturbing, this was innocent DNA when someone helped her. Or JonBenet could have transferred innocent DNA from playing & shaking hands and later transferring it when she pulled up her own drawers. No body fluids. No DNA on JonBenet except under her nails from playing with other kids or grabbing hands.  All DNA was innocent touch DNA easily transferred & easily misinterpreted.

I’ll bet it matches a kid or party attendee or friends guests. Woe be to the party guest who helped pull up her long johns or shook her hand & she transferred their DNA when scratching herself or going to the pot. Since the authorities don’t have a good understanding of how easy it is to transfer & misinterpret touch DNA, or how little girls drop their panties onto the bathroom floor around their ankles or sit directly on their underwear when wearing a dress, their underwear picks up DNA off the floors, furniture, etc., they never should have used it to exonerate anyone… much less the Ramsey’s.

Men also like to spit outside which is an excellent source of DNA when someone walks through it and tracks it elsewhere. Also, men wearing boxer shorts are constantly shedding pubic hairs down their pants leg which gets tracked elsewhere and that doesn’t begin to include all the other hairs and skin cells which everyone sheds continuously.

Since the authorities don’t seem to understand how easy it is to transfer and misinterpret touch DNA… some innocent person is going to be crucified for this… just so the Ramsey’s lawyer doesn’t sue the city. Getting the Ramsey’s off the hook for a 20 year cover up to protect a bratty son.

If they really understood touch DNA, they would never have exonerated the Ramsey’s. The only reliable DNA is obtained from body fluids… as long as it has not been planted at the scene by the perpetrator or by accident. It is crucial for the authorities and the public to understand the nuances of DNA technology. Otherwise, innocent people are going to be crucified for something they have not done due to the mere presence of a transient DNA source or touch DNA.

As for JonBenet Ramsey, it is clear one of their family was responsible… probably by accident and most of us Agree that Patsy staged the letter. As I mentioned in my scenario, that probably was not a garrote. It may have been a rope and handle to fly a kite or pull behind a bicycle or some other purpose. it was probably lying nearby when he used it.

This speculated scenario is based on Burkes statements in his interview about getting up after everyone else was asleep and going back downstairs because he wasn’t done playing with his present yet. And his admission about the hiking boots, pineapple and flashlight. That puts him at the crime scene, with opportunity and motive. It also eliminates a hiding intruder since Burke was awake and wandering around the house downstairs and eating pineapple with his sister.

While it is speculation, it is a plausible theory as to what may have happened while Burke was awake and wandering around the house and basement with his sister in the middle of the night while their parents were asleep. This scenario gives a possible  “benefit of the doubt”  explanation behind the attack. It is possible that the attack could have had a more violent intent by the brother which we may never know.

However, if his school friends would come forward and tell us about the Burke they knew at age 9 before and after his sister’s death, the incident and intent may become more clear. They would also be around 30 years old today and are probably afraid of the Ramsey lawyers… but perhaps they could give us their insight anonymously? It might answer a lot of questions.

What  we have learned, is if you have a lot of money to hire the meanest lawyers, you can get away with just about anything. We saw this with OJ Simpson as well… among others.






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