If Burke did it… timeline scenario of JonBenet Ramsey’s death

Published October 9, 2016 by mmc7

This is a possible & plausible series of events which may have occurred if Burke was the culprit in JonBenet’s death; based on Burke’s own words in his interviews and evidence stated by investigators & law enforcement. I did not see either documentary. I have only seen the Dr Phil interviews of Burke & his father & recently; the film Perfect Murder, Perfect town on Youtube. I have no knowledge of the contents of either the A&E or CBS productions except what I read. Therefore, neither had any bearing on this plausible scenario.

However, this scenario is different from the documentaries. It better explains how she was killed in the basement, not the kitchen and where the DNA came from the cellar floor where Burke was fighting her. Tracked in on shoes. This scenario also provides a more logical explanation of the garrote & when he spread the feces which indicated the amount of rage he had just prior to her death. Burke could have done all of this while both parents were in bed asleep. While Burke was alone with JonBenet in the cellar. Then he left her there covered under her blanket after he killed her & went to bed… until Patsy woke up and found JB missing. This scenario makes more sense.

This is one possible scenario speculating how Burke may have harmed JonBenet the night she died.

#1 John Ramsey’s own words during interview with Dr Phil

  • JB had fallen asleep in the car.
  • John carried JonBenet upstairs to bed.
  • John used a flashlight and left it upstairs.
  • Patsy Ramsey undressed JonBenet for bed.
  • They used flashlight so not to wake JB.
  • They also put Burke to bed.
  • They all went to bed and did not eat anything.
  • John said he did not use the home alarm system.
  • John said he may have closed basement window just prior to finding JB.

#2 Burke Ramsey’s own words during interview with Dr Phil

  • Burke said he went downstairs after everyone was asleep
  • Burke said he was not done playing with one of his presents
  • He did not deny using the flashlight his father left upstairs.
  • He said he might have eaten pineapple.
  • Burke also said he owned hiking boots, contradicting his Lawyer.
    • (Most kids clothing is bought by the mother. John would have had no idea what brand of boots Burke had or if he even had boots. Even the mother who bought them would unlikely remember the brand. Only the store. Nor would a child remember the brand. So for John to even speculate about a child’s clothing article of which he would have had no knowledge, would be indicative of practiced responses.)
  • However Burke did admit he owned hiking boots.
  • Burke placed himself downstairs at the scene of the crime with opportunity and motive.
  • It is also unlikely any intruder was lurking with Burke awake and wandering through the house.

#3 Evidence found

  • An FBI investigator said they found Burke’s feces in JonBenet’s room and on her presents and a box of chocolates she got for Christmas and on the walls
  • The housekeeper had found a grapefruit sized wad in JB’s bed and on the walls on earlier instances.
  • For feces to be on her presents, he would have had to have done it after they came home when Burke was up wandering around in the dark with a flashlight after everyone else was asleep. Not after she died… but just before when he first got up.
  • His sneaking around her room may have been what woke JB up.
  • Spreading feces in his sister’s room and on her Christmas presents at the age of 9 is a serious issue. Apparently there were multiple incidents.
  • It shows the level of jealousy and hate toward his sister on the very night she died.
  • Perhaps the parents had overindulged JB and Burke did not get what he wanted for Christmas.
  • Or JB may have taunted her brother.
  • The garland tangled with her hair may have occurred when her father carried JB upstairs to her bedroom.

#4 Plausible Events based on evidence

  • JonBenet, was possibly awakened by her brother smearing feces
  • JB followed Burke downstairs while dragging her blanket.
  • Little girls her age often drag a favorite blanket around the house.
  • JB ate some of Burke’s pineapple.
  • Burke’s fingerprints were on the glass of tea next to the bowl.
  • The mother’s fingerprints on the bowl could simply have been from her putting away the clean dishes
  • or from placing a bowl of pineapple inside the refrigerator.
  • Perhaps left over from glazing a ham or used for cereals, etc.
  • Pineapple is not something a mother would feed a child without something else to go with it Such as cereal or cottage cheese, etc.
  • A bowl of pineapple was something a child would find easy to snack on from the refrigerator. It still had the serving spoon in it when put away in a hurry.
  • This indicates it was Burke who got the pineapple out of the refrigerator along with some tea to drink.
  • Burke said he may have eaten pineapple.
  • JonBenet had undigested pineapple in her. Since there was only one bowl, JB helped herself to some bites from his bowl
  • The mother would not have  served a child such a large amount with a serving spoon to eat. This was a bowl of left over pineapple which Burke found in the refrigerator.
  • This indicates both children were awake and eating pineapple while the parents were asleep.

#5 Basement

  • JonBenet followed her brother into the basement… still dragging her blanket
  • Their train was set up in the basement
  • Burke said they played down there often.
  • Perhaps one of the new toys was for the train setup.
  • JonBenet may have seen Burke doing something he should not have done.
  • Perhaps Burke was climbing outside the window to get something from the car or from outside.
  • Or perhaps Burke was climbing outside to smash up JB’s new bicycle.
  • All of which would have left his hiking boot print on the suitcase or perhaps he had left the prints on an earlier occasion.
  • Burke also may have been doing something else inappropriate.
  • JonBenet saw him and threatened to tattle on him to their parents.
  • Burke attacked her, hitting her and she fell backward onto the train track section on the floor during their struggle.
  • JB screamed and Burke hit her in the head with a flashlight or bat which he later tossed outside to shut her up and make her stop screaming.
  • A neighbor heard her scream (which would have carried through the broken window.)
  • I believe their parents room was on other side where less likely to be heard.
  • Authorities said she was unconscious for over 45 minutes.
  • Burke may have thought she was dead.
  • Burke could have made the vaginal abrasion
  • Or it was not associated with this incident
  • Or Patsy may have done it much later while staging to appear as molestation
  • JonBenet regained consciousness and either went into convusions; scaring Burke
  • Or woke up threatening to tattle
  • Or woke up screaming and crying
  • So Burke grabbed a nearby rope and choked her
  • Either to stop her convulsions
  • Or to stop her from screaming and crying or tattling.
  • The rope was NOT a garrote. He just used it as such.
  • The rope with the paintbrush handle was used for flying kites
  • Or used to pull behind her new bicycle on skates
  • Or other such benign use. It was not created as a garrote.
  • Burke saw it nearby and used it to choke JB.
  • This explains the multiple injuries which no intruder or molester or angry parent would do.
  • This was a jealous brother who had spread feces in her room a short time earlier.
  • These are the acts of an angry brother.
  • Beating up JB in a fight
  • Injuring her back when she fell on a train track on the floor
  • Hitting JB on the head with flashlight or bat to shut her up
  • Knocked her unconscious for over 45 minutes
  • Thinking her dead for over 45 minutes
  • She woke up either convulsing from head injury or screaming
  • Then choking her with a rope he found nearby.
  • Burke then covered her up with her blanket and went back to bed to pretend he was innocent.
  • The main issue is the rope was already tied to the paintbrush handle for other uses
  • It was not intended as a garrote
  • Burke just used it as one.
    • However, any scout (boy or girl) learns how to do intricate knots & braids by age 7 (second grade) and would be capable of creating this garrote.
    • So all 3 Ramsey’s could have tied the rope around the paintbrush handle.
    • Burke could have done so while JB was unconscious.
    • Or it was simply created to fly their kites, etc., and was lying in the basement.
    • Either the public & authorities were never scouts or the scouts have changed immensely since then.
    • We made all kinds of things for camping with similar and advanced knots at age 7.
    • The instructions are in the scout manuals

#6 The staging

  • Burke covered up his sister with her own blanket
  • which JB had dragged downstairs when she followed Burke
  • He went back upstairs and to his bed to pretend innocence.
  • Patsy woke up and went to check JonBenet’s room for a wet bed.
  • Parents with bed wetters always check the child’s bed when they get up.
  • Patsy discovered JonBenet was missing and pried the details from Burke
  • Burke may have claimed ignorance… the typical “I don’t know” response
  • He may have even made up a story
  • but Patsy figured it out and realized he was in serious trouble
  • Kids were often tried as adults and sent to Juvenile hall.
  • She knew his life would be ruined.
  • She dressed in previous night clothes.
  • She staged the ransom note.
    • It was clearly written by a college educated female with maternal familiarity.
    • The punctuation, grammar & size of each character was meticulous
    • Despite efforts to alter slant and style. Many characters were consistent throughout such as “e” “r” and “g tails”. Punctuation was too advanced for a child. Words used were college level. Every “i” and “t” were perfectly centered, dotted & crossed.
    • Patsy is described as a perfectionist in her writing.
    • The details were absurdly overdone on Patsy’s own pad and pen inside the house
  • Police say there was a practice letter as well. Someone spent over an hour writing this in the house… then left the child behind.
    • Not the words of an intruder.
    • Info known only to Patsy or John.
    • Note more reminiscent of the Patty Hearst kidnapping.
  • Patsy may have placed the tape on JB’s mouth to imply abduction
  • Police say tape was applied after JB was dead.
  • No mouth movement or tongue protrusion behind tape.
  • John woke up and Patsy informed him of situation
  • I almost would have believed Patsy did not tell John what really happened except for the 911 conversation following the call sounds like he did know. Maybe more than we all suspect.
  • Then Patsy called 911
  • Since John had just learned of situation, it explains the recorded conversation after 911 call where he was angry with Burke.
  • Burke was sent to his room where they claimed he was asleep until police arrived, and stuck a flashlight into his face… according to Burke. Sounds like a strange way to wake up a child.

#7 The Aftermath

  • Despite the repeated ransom warning about JB being killed or beheaded if they spoke to anyone; even a stray dog… they called over a houseful of friends and clergy who were there with police when JB was supposedly missing.
  • This implies they had no fear of their daughter being harmed due to the house full of guests and police despite ransom note warnings.
  • However, the houseful of guests did taint the crime scene and any evidence the police might have found.
  • Police were unable to get support to contain and control scene of crime & evidence.
  • Burke was sent to a friends house.
  • First searcher did not find JB in basement because he did not recognize her blanket.
  • John went to basement with a friend to search again.
  • John said he may have closed basement window
    • (why would he do that if it indicated a route an abductor may have taken?)
  • John recognized JB’s blanket, looked under it and found his daughter
  • John then carried his daughter upstairs, disturbing the crime scene.
  • Shortly afterward, John called his pilot to arrange flight out of Colorado.

#8 Innocent transfer of DNA

  • The family was at a Christmas party & visiting friends.
  • JonBenet was playing with other kids, shaking hands
  • and sitting directly on her panties on the floor and furniture in her dress.
  • All are innocent sources of DNA.
    • Little girls don’t know how to wrap their skirt under them so they sit directly on their panties.
    • Especially in her expensive dresses to prevent wrinkling the fabric.
  • This allows her underwear to pick up DNA where she sat.
  • The playing with other kids and grabbing hands would get foreign DNA on JB’s hands or under her nails which JB may have transferred while scratching herself or pulling up her drawers.
  • Little girls also drop their undies around their ankles onto the bathroom floor… another DNA source.
  • JB’s grandmother also said JB would ask any nearby stranger (male or female) to wipe her on the pot or help her pull up her drawers.
  • Long johns & tights are particularly difficult for children to pull up.
  • While disturbing, this is another innocent source of DNA obtained during the party or visiting their friends homes that night.
  • Another source of DNA could be the floor of her own bathroom at home.
  • Or the most likely source was the basement floor where she was fighting Burke that night.
  • The Ramsey’s had many guests in their home as well as workmen that week doing renovations.
    • Using their bathroom, tracking through spit outside and tracking it into the bathroom or cellar floor.
    • Perhaps the workmen even spit on the floor of the cellar.
  • But even spitting outside can be tracked in on shoes where she could have transferred it while sitting, lying or fighting on the cellar floor.
    • Men who wear boxer shorts are frequently shedding pubic hairs down their pants legs onto the floor where it can be tracked to another location.
  • These are all innocent sources of DNA. Especially touch DNA.
  • Without the presence of semen or saliva on JonBenet’s body, none of this touch DNA is viable and is easily transferred by innocent means.
  • Unfortunately, the authorities and public are not well informed enough about the innocent transfer of touch DNA and easily misinterpret the meaning.
  • Some innocent person will likely end up being falsely accused just to appease the Ramsey’s sue-happy attorney and the parents 20 year coverup for a bratty son.
  • Touch DNA is sadly misinterpreted and never should have been used to exonerate the Ramsey’s.
  • Law enforcement, politicians and the general public do not have the scientific or medical knowledge to fully understand DNA.
  • Especially touch DNA without body fluids present.
    • Even those with body fluids can be planted although unlikely in this case.
  • Authorities in particular need to be seriously educated on how to understand the innocent transference of DNA and pubic hairs and how to interpret their meaning.
  • Attorneys and DA’s also need to learn the same.
  • Otherwise, innocent people could be convicted based on innocently transferred DNA.
  • This should also be a warning for men to think twice about spitting or wearing boxer shorts as to how easily their DNA could be transferred to a crime scene.

#9 Other Strange Details

There is a website which lists 10 little known facts about the Ramsey’s. Some we already know and some are strange but irrelevant, while others are downright disturbing. Here is what they reported

  • The suitcase in the cellar below the window with the footprint. Patsy claimed it wasn’t theirs and must have been brought by the kidnapper to carry JB’s body —- turned out to belong to John’s grown son John Andrew Ramsey. The contents are most disturbing. A semen encrusted blanket and a Dr Seuss book. DNA confirmed the semen belonged to John Andrew Ramsey but he wasn’t in town that night. However, finding such items in the home of a child found to have signs of long term molestation is very disturbing indeed. I think they should recheck his alibi. Perhaps this is why there is no film or photos of their 1996 Christmas
  • The 911 call from the Ramsey’s three days before her death but someone hung up. Either something was going on… or perhaps someone simply touched a 911 autodial by mistake.
  • The vaginal abrasions and blood stains could have been caused by Burke. Sibling molestation is more common than people think. Burke was alone with her while she was unconscious. However, since there was no semen, no saliva and no foreign DNA the injury could have been staged with an inanimate object by Patsy to mislead toward the intruder theory.
  • There was vaginal irritation when she was 3 twice recorded as bubble bath irritation but I would vote for the owner of that suitcase.
  • Then they listed the fecal spreading problem which the FBI found in Jon Benet’s room after her death on her presents and wall. The DNA turned out to be Burke’s. In order to be on her presents, Burke had to have spread the feces that same night when he got out of bed after everyone else was asleep… before she died. She had just gotten those presents earlier that day.
  • Strange but irrelevant, John Ramsey dated Natalie Holloway’s mother after Patsy died. John later remarried a fashion designer and moved to Las Vegas.
  • Burke age 9 said his mother was going psycho looking for JonBenet and how she was overreacting. This sounds like a peek into Patsy’s initial reaction at discovering JB was missing. Before she got the truth out of Burke. It also sounds like he was getting a kick out of her reaction. It seems he was also punishing his parents for overindulging JB and getting even for slighting him.
  • The grandmother was the pageant pressure who was also crowned as was her daughter, Patsy. She said JB would have been forced to go if she had faltered.
  • John’s grown daughter died 4 years before JB in a car wreck
  • The Ramsey’s traveled with Police when they went to question John’s first wife.
  • The website list    http://toptenlisted.com/10-strange-little-known-facts-about-jonbenet-ramseys-family/

#10 Overview

I have followed this case from the beginning. I had always believed it was Patsy who had accidentally overreacted to a wet bed whom had caused JonBenet’s death. Burke had been kept under wraps by his parents for 20 years, so we never heard from him before.

But after hearing and seeing Burke’s interview and inappropriate reactions, placing himself at the scene of the crime downstairs after everyone else was asleep with opportunity and motive, it has changed my mind. Burke would and could easily have harmed his sister.

Would you grin if someone asked you if you harmed your little sister? Would you grin if someone asked if you hit or molested your sister? Most people would be offended. They certainly would not grin. This is not Asberger’s as some have said. This was clear narcissism from someone who likes to be the center of attention. There is a difference between shy and secretive. Burke was thrilled to be the center of attention, hence all the smiling. I saw no awkwardness in his reactions. He was loving being on TV. There were also sociopathic indicators of someone without a conscience who doesn’t know right from wrong, who responds inappropriately.

Any competent, qualified psychotherapist would have noted his inappropriate responses as indicators of a serious, deep seated psychological problem… much less Burke’s spreading feces in JB’s room the night she died. I did find it interesting when someone said Dr Phil had the same lawyer as the Ramsey’s and that lawyer was a key guest during the interviews which Dr Phil catered to him. Allowing the attorney to vet and prepare their responses.

Since Burke’s feces was on JB’s presents and on her wall, it had to have been done that night since she had just received them that day. So he must have done it while in her room to get the flashlight before he went downstairs. There was no reason for him to do it after her death. This indicated serious jealousy and hate toward his sister on the night she died.

Perhaps the parents overindulged JB for Christmas and Burke did not get what he wanted. Or perhaps JB taunted him. But it was clear they fought in the basement. He knocked her unconscious and then choked her with a nearby rope when she regained consciousness or began to have convulsions from the head injury. He did it to either shut her up or make her stop convulsing.

A lot of people and authorities obsess that the rope tied onto the paintbrush handle was created as a garrote to kill JonBenet or stage the crime. But no one considers that it was already tied to the paintbrush handle to be used when they flew kites or pulled behind a bicycle on skates and Burke just found it lying nearby and used it to choke his sister. However, any 7 year old scout could do those knots so it is possible he made it while JB was unconscious. But I think it was already made by someone in the family for their kites. It was a perfect design for flying their kites. It would also make a good pull handle for a drop down attic ladder. These are just a few uses it may have been used for before Burke strangled his sister with it. Who knows what ideas he may have had from movies or video games.

Just two weeks later, this 9 year old acted happy to be the only child and said he was moving on. There was no grief or sorrow from this child talking about his dead sister just days later. He was delighted to be the center of attention and an only child.

It would be interesting to hear from those other kids who knew Burke and JonBenet to find out how he acted and behave.

I would also like to hear more about this grown brother who owned the suitcase. Gross. And more about Burke as an adult… especially since he depicts the very same behavior he did as a child. Something is not right about him or his half brother.

There have been studies done on serial killers and serial rapists whom all seemed to start out with feces spreading and killing animals. Some killed other children while they were children themselves. Then their behavior progressed to things such as voyeurism, serial rape and serial killing. The parents covering up Burke’s behavior and deeds did not provide the treatment Burke should have had out of fear someone would discover what he had done. So it is quite possible that he could do something worse as an adult. This would make the Ramsey’s accountable for shielding a dangerous child. Especially if the choking of his sister was done with the pent up anger and hate indicated by the feces spreading he had done that very night and deliberately killed her. Maybe he thought he could blame it on an intruder… which is how Patsy got the idea for her ransom note and created a Patty Hearst style terrorist note. No sensible person reading that note could believe it to be genuine. It was clearly created by Patsy to protect her son.

Those elected officials must have been friends with the Ramsey’s and possibly were financially helped in their campaigns. Lou was clearly closed minded and actually helped the Ramsey’s by sharing the details of the police investigation and evidence. He was clearly not impartial. It makes you wonder about his other investigations.

I recommend the movie “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town. It gives an excellent overview of the fighting between the authorities and how the police efforts had been deliberately blocked. They tore each other to pieces in the media and leaked all kinds of information. Many people quit over this and everyone was suing each other. It was ridiculous.

However, it does tell us one thing. If you have enough money and can hire the meanest lawyers, you can get away with just about anything, even with blatant evidence against you… Just like OJ Simpson with his custom gloves covered in blood, his DNA at the scene. The victim’s DNA at his home… got away with it… but the public hate was so intense he finally paid for it after another crime in another state who made him pay for both crimes.

Let us hope that some innocent person is not convicted of JonBenet’s death based on misinterpreted touch DNA.

While this is just one possible scenario as to the events after Burke had gotten out of bed, wandering through the house:

  • It wasn’t an intruder
    • wandering around the house that night after the parents went to sleep,
    • nor spreading feces in JonBenet’s room.
    • Nor eating pineapple with her.
    • Nor writing the overly wordy ransom note on Patsy’s pad and pen with personal info and wording then leaving the child behind… dead or alive.
  • Burke stated that he had gotten up after his parents went to bed and went downstairs to play with a toy he wasn’t done with yet.
  • Unfortunately, JonBenet followed him downstairs where the parents couldn’t hear them.

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