About this website

Published October 18, 2016 by mmc7

This is a free WordPress website with a free URL. I don’t earn anything from this site. If any ads appear, they belong to WordPress. I can’t view them if any appear. They are invisible to the holder of the site.

This site & any others I have are merely platforms to express my personal ideas & opinions to compare with those which others may share in common. I have no way to know if my ideas or opinions are correct or incorrect. I have no expertise or personal knowledge of these issues. They are simply personal opinions as the Constitution allows each of us to freely express. They are not intended to be harmful or authoritative in any manner. No personal affrontery is intended.

These are speculations just as someone might speculate on the shape of a cloud and have no further meaning or implication beyond that. Everyone should make their own decision on the speculations based on all sources of information. These are merely one idea of hundreds of possible scenarios and possible participants. Blogs are simply a form of entertainment by sharing personal ideas & opinions.

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