If Patsy accidentally killed Jon Benet Ramsey

This article was written before I saw the interview of Burke. After hearing him speak and describe how he went back downstairs after everyone was in bed asleep, he placed himself at the scene of the crime,  with opportunity & motive. This really changed my opinion about his guilt. I recommend reading the Burke timeline […]

UFO Tips & Tidbits

I was watching some UFO documentaries and there are a few details which occurred to me that the general public may not know. Especially the younger generations. Here are some tips to identifying genuine UFO’s and how to recognize military flares intended to purposely distract the public away from the real UFO. Also, how to […]

Denver Airport Murals

Here is an interesting tidbit. I was looking at the old mural at the Denver airport with the fire and the city and I recognized the skyline of the city in the mural. It was the Chicago skyline with the Hancock building, except the artist reversed the skyline. It is my understanding that the Airport […]